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A New Chapter in Business: Opening a New Office In Montreal

The ANALYTICSMART adventure entered a new phase following the latest announcement that their Toronto location has been upgraded from ‘Only Office’ to ‘First Office’. This news comes after the analytic consultation company opted to open shop in Montreal, before informing employees that there are immediate plans to open a third location in Paris. (France, not Texas)

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

President/CEO Yves Mayotte and Director of Space Planning Gary Bilancia were on site at ST Jacques Street, Montreal over the weekend to inspect the new premises, before giving it their overwhelming seal of approval. The reconnaissance photos were met with great excitement from the current ANALYTICSMART team who were all in agreement that the historical bank-turned office would be an incredible environment to work in.
The expansion in to Québec establishes ANALYTICSMART as a fully fledged National Canadian company and gives them the hard-earned opportunity to tap in to the ever-growing Montreal pool of tech talent. In addition to the expected surge in work force, there’s also further room for client growth with a whole host of exciting partners in the final stages of joining the ANALYTICSMART community.
Internally, a company trip from Toronto to Montreal has already been scheduled, one of the many team building exercises that the company like to implement. Exploring Montreal’s famous Thursday happy hour has been a hot topic around the espresso machine, with employees eager to take in everything the city has to offer.
It’s love of what you do, coupled with seeing the company you work for making major moves in the market that get you excited to go to about your day to day duties and responsibilities. (Not to mention a bonus trip to “Québec’s Metropolis”)
With such vast expansion plans set for the remainder of 2018 in terms of marketing, client acquisition and office extensions, it’s likely to be a defining period for everyone involved with ANALYTICSMART.
-Kris Whelan