Manufacturers / Vendors / Brokers We work with companies whose sales figures range from less than $1M to over $1B. If your organization strives to become smarter and gain better insights about its consumers, we can help. Our services and solutions allow for the optimization of any type of data, such as POS, sell-in, syndicated, etc.

Retailers We work with organizations ranging in size from small retailers to large national chains. Our services and solutions can help you optimize your current data and build fact-based short and long-term strategic plans.

Wines Agencies, Vineyards and Liquor Control Boards We work with agencies of all types and sizes in order to help fulfill any analytical requirements. Let us help your teams gain better insights and grow your categories, which will improve the overall performance at retail level.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies Big data has already become the next generation of analytics. We work alongside a number of agencies to help clients stay ahead of the game through the development of social media strategies based on analytics leveraging as a means to gain insights on consumers attitude towards the brands.

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