Performance & Effeciency

Company Sales are increasing but Profitability is decreasing

Client's Issues

● Sales were increasing in double digits while Net Margin was at -2%● Sales Team not forecasting properly● Limited data available● Limited promotional analysis● High returns from seasonal business


I. We matched the client with our Smart Report package to highlight key business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Being designed to understand and report a business in the simplest of ways, it was clear that the client needed to further build its Analytics.
II. The client then decided to move forward with our Smart Forecasting Module (SFM) and Smart Trade Marketing Module (STMM). Profitability became positive within 3 months of our initial agreements.

Client's Results

●  Profitability now ranges from 15% to 23%
● New Forecasting Accuracy Average up from 62% to 79%
● Promotions and Budgets are tracked and observed within the Sales and Marketing Team
● Lowest Return Level seen in over 3 years