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We are a Category and Technology Company that offers both Tools and the Team to take on your projects.
Partnerships is a pillar and a fundamental value for us at ANALYTICSMART and there is no better way to demonstrate that than for us to be on site and work with your Team.

"I love challenging the idea that the brick and mortar store experience is dying or is dead. The opportunity it presents has created an exciting time in retail. Working with customers to present a planogram or visual merchandising solution that attracts and retains shoppers, while at the same time being productive and profitable for the customer is and will always be an exciting part of the retail industry."

Gary Bilancia, Director of Space Planning ANALYTICSMART

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Category Optimization

In an always evolving and swiftly changing landscape, having the right products in the right stores is paramount to having a successful retail business. The retail world has become increasingly competitive and difficult to carve out a place with the consumer. Category optimization is a key driver in trying to achieve this. By leveraging a mix of factors to best identify assortment optimization, space productivity and inventory management, companies can give themselves the edge they need to pull ahead of the pack.
To better serve our clients, our highly qualified analysts use cutting edge tools when determining the patterns and trends that are often overlooked.

Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We have developed a state-of-the-art mobile app that supports sales Reps in managing business from anywhere and anytime. The live cloud-based application allow reps to act as consultants to clients and make data driven decisions using the power of analytics. Our tool is customizable as we believe that your story and opportunities at retail are specific to your company and brand objectives.

Let us help you enhance productivity, increase the deal size, manage inventories and promotions while simultaneously improving the customer service experience.
Gear your sales reps with our app to maximize the benefit of analytics and become category captains at every store!


Planograms are an integral part of a successful business, they bring marketing and category strategies to life in store. Planograms should always be clear and offer easy to shop solutions for your customers, in addition to being productive and simple to execute. Having the correct planogram will increase sales, cut down on under performing stock and also help you get a clear look at inventory at store levels, all contributing to the success of your business.
Our team of dedicated, creative and analytical space planners work with you to build planograms that will exceed expectations. We have 15+ years of space planning experience using the industry’s best space planning software; JDA Space Planning in addition to programs such as Apollo, DotActiv and Shelf Logic. We use a balance of analytics along with a creative touch to build ‘best in class’ planograms for a wide range of product lines, cosmetics, household, health and beauty, fashion and grocery/beverages.

Data Visualization

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Having access to untapped resources of data is great, in theory. However, it's useless without the proper tools to fully understand it. Data Visualization is how you show that data to the right people and at the right time, allowing them to gain insight from that data in order to make the right decisions effectively.
We have a vast range of tools at our and your disposal customizable to your specific needs. We will work with you to find the right solution and offer a variety of ways to show the data and optimize your results. Our team has worked across many industries and have experience working with a variety of meta data and know how to detect and visualize those key pieces to present a clear and concise view of your data story.

"Working with large databases brings a lot of challenges with query performance and data architecture. Our biggest success lies in the quick turnaround time to process large databases into analytics and reports. This consists of continually fine-tuning the database and queries so it aligns with the rich customer experience."

Karan Malhotra, Director of Technology ANALYTICSMART

Price/Promotional Analysis

Imagine working with not only POS and market data but with Big Data, the Black Net, the latest and greatest methodologies to understand the best prices for your products at retail and online.
Over the years we have developed and tested a multitude of models and tools to arrive at an end product based on incredible science and mathematics to support your needs and help you determine the best price and promotion for your products and brands.


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As we continue to get smarter and develop smarter tools we are very impressed with our forecasting module. Our advanced-analytics techniques will help drive accuracy by working with an array of building blocks such as promotions, seasonality, base volumes and even weather by store locations to give you some examples.
We understand the effects of forecasting on the overall categories, channels and it is for those reasons that we also include regression in our models but we don’t stop there. Imagine a tool that will use predictive modeling systems to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in end-to-end supply chains to increase forecasting accuracy and help you deliver the best forecast possible.

Trade Spend Management

Promotions drive much of the success at the retail level. You want to make sure that every dollar, every incentive you put forth is bringing the largest return, the biggest sales, the most “bang for your buck” you can get.
This aspect of the retail world is highly competitive and can make or break a product launch or impact the longevity of a product’s on-shelf life. Understanding what triggers the customer to make a promotional purchase is key, knowing what that customer is looking for in order to make that purchase and also to create a sustained promo plan.
Our team will review and work with you to map out a full promotional plan, offering insights to what has worked in the past, what was less than optimal and what can be done in the future to yield the best results. Our industry leading software along with our dedicated team will work closely with you, allowing you to maximize your trade spend, not only how much, but when and how often.

GEO Mapping

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Imagine a world that where ever you are, you can access the information about your location on any device. Well at ANALYTICSMART we have developed industry defining technology as part of our tools.
With our customizable tool, we maximize your store visits based on the optimal routes and times to visit these locations. This allows greater efficiency in connecting with stores while maximizing your impact on customers on a more detailed level.