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Avec une passion pour la technologie et un engagement envers l'excellence, nous donnons aux entreprises les moyens de prospérer dans le paysage du commerce de détail.

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Stimuler la croissance et augmenter la rentabilité depuis 2009

Nous fournissons des logiciels analytiques intelligents ainsi que des services et des solutions adaptés à vos besoins commerciaux spécifiques et faciles à mettre en œuvre.

At Analyticsmart, we are on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses operate in the modern consumer landscape. Our core purpose is crystal clear: to empower intelligent decision-making through data and to create top-tier software solutions.

In today’s fast-paced consumer industry, success hinges on the ability to harness the power of data and execute swiftly. That’s where we step in. We specialize in cutting-edge analytics solutions and software customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Our comprehensive suite of services empowers you to navigate the ever-evolving consumer goods industry with confidence.

With a multicultural team hailing from various cities and countries worldwide, Analyticsmart takes immense pride in the passionate professionals who form our ranks. Our team encompasses seasoned veterans and fresh talents alike, creating a vibrant blend of experience and enthusiasm. Conversations by the espresso machine span topics from Forbes Magazine to the Marvel Multiverse, showcasing the diversity and drive that define our team.

Our open workspace fosters communication, and as the age-old adage goes, ‘The boss’s door is always open.’ We believe in rewarding hard work with in-office pizza parties or team lunch outings. Our strong team spirit shines when we welcome new members into our work family. We understand that starting a new job can be challenging, so at Analyticsmart, making new members feel like part of the community is a top priority. While some companies discourage vacation time, at Analyticsmart, we encourage it!

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