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At Analyticsmart, we harness the power of advanced analytics, leveraging cutting-edge machine learning techniques and the latest algorithms to provide unparalleled insights.

Embracing a partnership approach, we prioritize close collaboration with our clients, working hand in hand to achieve mutual objectives and foster enduring relationships.

The most significant challenges facing analytics in the consumer retail industry today

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Our Software Empowers the Retail Landscape

Merchandising App

Revolutionize your merchandising with our industry-leading tool, streamlining planogram distribution effortlessly to multiple stores with a single click. Enhance efficiency and accuracy at the retail level, minimizing wastage by ensuring precise fixture shipments.


Empower customer retention and informed decision-making with our leading BI tools, enhancing current and potential customer relationships. Maximize sales and profitability by leveraging our SMART solutions beyond CRM, offering tailored workflows, real-time updates, and visual dashboards for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Planogram Repository App

Revolutionize retail management with our platform, leveraging advanced software and expert specialists for efficient planogram orchestration and data-driven decision-making. Transforming static planograms into dynamic tools, we enable swift adaptation to market trends, ensuring heightened profitability and competitive advantage.

MDM Software

Reimagine retail customer data with our AI-powered Master Data Management software, ensuring accurate, consistent data for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency. Elevate customer experiences across channels, departments, and brands with MDM's hyper-personalized approach in the retail industry.


Services we offer

Category Management

Tailored for the empowered modern shopper, our category management service drives informed decisions and retail sales. Maximize ROI with our customer-centric strategies, understanding and capitalizing on consumer behavior triggers.

Data Visualization

We provide data visualization and dashboards focused on KPI's and essential metrics for for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses seeking to gain deep insights and make informed decisions.

Data Modernization

Our Data Modernization service is designed to streamline and optimize your data assets, leveraging techniques like data integration, cleansing, consolidation, transformation, and migration. Our expertise in ETL ensures seamless data integration from diverse sources into a unified, actionable dataset.


Combining cutting-edge space planning technology with over 15 years of expertise. Our personalized space planning strategies enhance both micro and macro aspects of the in-store experience, catering to individual customers and overall store dynamics.


Why Analyticsmart?

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to unleash the maximum potential within every retail space and CPG setting.

But don't simply take our word for it, let our recent accomplishments speak for themselves:

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Driving Growth in the Alcohol Beverage Industry

Analyticsmart significantly aided its client in the Alcohol Beverage industry by deploying advanced analytics solutions. By pinpointing store-level operations and collaborating on channel strategies, Analyticsmart enabled the client to streamline operations and enhance market penetration. Leveraging a nuanced understanding of category management, the client achieved deeper segmentation, optimizing product placement and marketing efforts. Through a collaborative partnership with the board and leadership team, Analyticsmart facilitated a remarkable 35% revenue increase, marking a substantial success for both parties.

Transforming Cosmetic Retail With Innovations Driving Efficiency and Sustainability

Analyticsmart revolutionized its client's operations in the Cosmetic Industry by introducing its Planogram app and merchandising software. By implementing these innovative solutions, the client experienced a remarkable surge in store efficiency, soaring from 35% to an impressive 65% through enhanced retail execution. Furthermore, transitioning from paper to digital with Analyticsmart's Planogram software not only amplified accuracy by 90% compliance but also slashed carbon footprint by threefold, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Most notably, Analyticsmart injected a sense of enjoyment into what was once a laborious task, making the job both efficient and enjoyable for the client's team.

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