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At Analyticsmart, we are committed to transforming the retail landscape through innovative technology. Our Merchandising App leverages advanced analytics and cutting-edge machine learning to deliver unparalleled insights and streamline retail operations. Designed with both field teams and supervisors in mind, our app ensures real-time performance management, enabling businesses to optimize product displays, improve compliance, and boost sales.

Top Rated Merchandising App

The Merchandising App by Analyticsmart revolutionizes retail management with real-time performance tracking and advanced analytics. Designed for field teams and supervisors, it ensures perfect product displays, compliance, and optimized sales. Available on iOS and Android, our app provides the tools needed to enhance retail execution and drive business success.

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    Ensuring Display Perfection

    Compliance Analysis

    Merchandising App by Analyticsmart ensures flawless product presentation and brand representation with its comprehensive compliance feature. Field teams can seamlessly check-in, complete call-forms, and attach photos to verify display compliance in real time. This functionality ensures that merchandise is consistently displayed according to planograms and brand standards, providing peace of mind and improving in-store execution efficiency.

    Optimize Field Operation

    Task Management & Assignment

    Our Merchandising App revolutionizes task management and assignment, enhancing field team productivity and retail execution. Managers can easily create, assign, and track tasks in real time, ensuring that the right work gets done by the right people at the right time. With intuitive task assignment, employees receive clear directives and priorities, reducing confusion and enhancing efficiency. Progress tracking and instant updates ensure that all tasks are completed as planned, enabling swift adjustments and continuous improvement. This feature empowers teams to execute merchandising strategies effectively, meeting goals and maintaining high standards across all locations.

    Unlocking Insights

    Real-Time Data Access & Advanced Analytics

    We empower CPG brands and retailers with advanced analytics and real-time access to critical data. Seamlessly integrated into the app, these features provide invaluable insights into retail performance, customer behavior, and market trends. Field teams can leverage real-time data to make informed decisions on product placement, promotions, and inventory management, driving sales and enhancing customer satisfaction. With advanced analytics capabilities, users can uncover hidden patterns, identify opportunities for improvement, and refine merchandising strategies for maximum effectiveness.

    Driving Engagement

    Gamification In Retail Execution

    We have incorporated gamification to enhance engagement and productivity among field teams. By gamifying tasks and activities, the app transforms routine merchandising tasks into enjoyable challenges. Points, badges, and leaderboards incentivize employees to achieve objectives, driving healthy competition and motivation. Gamification not only increases task completion rates but also fosters a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie among team members. With features like progress tracking and rewards, the app encourages continuous improvement and performance optimization.

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    Other Key Features Of Analyticsmart's Merchandising App

    Photo Reporting

    Capture and document in-store displays with ease, ensuring visual verification of merchandising compliance and execution quality.

    Task Tracking

    Monitor the status of tasks in real time, empowering managers to stay informed and agile in optimizing retail operations.


    Ensure perfect product placement with real-time monitoring of shelf displays and adherence to planograms.

    Barcode Scanner

    Expedite inventory management and data entry with integrated barcode scanning functionality, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

    iOS & Android

    Seamlessly accessible across both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring compatibility and convenience for all users.


    Maintain productivity even without internet connectivity, with offline access to essential app features, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.


    Stay updated with timely alerts and notifications, ensuring proactive response to critical events and tasks as well as other crucial updates.

    GPS / Location

    Track field team locations in real time, ensuring on-time store visits, and providing valuable insights into field activity and performance.


    Facilitate instant communication and collaboration among team members, enhancing coordination and problem-solving.


    Streamline order processing and keep track of orders from initiation to fulfillment, ensuring efficient inventory management.


    Anticipate demand trends and plan accordingly with powerful forecasting tools, optimizing inventory and resource allocation.


    Support diverse user populations with multi-language functionality, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity across global teams.

    Unlock Your Retail Potential With Analyticsmart

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